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Message from CEO

Since I joined VENTA Investments Company LTD, as the Chief Executive Officer four years ago, the company tripled its turnover and the quality of the services and products her customers enjoy are of a constantly high quality.

The customer base has increased significantly in quality and number. While maintaining our slogan of Making the Difference, the project management division has quite a handful of important projects to manage within a time-frame geared at meeting the company’s long-term and short-term goals.

In an end of year appraisal meeting, I asked the top management staff to state why the company is succeeding and which projects or achievements are fresh in their memories. These were their responses VENTA’s success for the past years lies on the fact that we consider our customers one of the greatest assets of the company, and so we value them.

That is why we believe in developing long-term relationships with our growing customer base and we strive to not only meeting but exceeding their expectations while staying within contractual terms… Honesty, hard work, integrity, innovation, loyalty and respect of contractual terms form our values.
Successful and promising projects:

  1. Two important contracts with the Ministries of Public Works and Secondary Education gave VENTA an important boost.
  2. Exclusive Distribution Contracts within the CEMAC region and the partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce (Page 68 of the UK-Guide to worldwide exporting 2010) gave Venta an international recognition and commitment to be a reliable partner to foreign investors in Cameroon and within CEMAC.
  3. The Gas Exploitation Company is one of the laudable achievements of VENTA as concrete agreements have been established with the State of Government, our technical partners from Canada and our potential financial partners from New Zealand. VENTA will have her name written on the sands of time for democratizing the sale of domestic, industrial and medical gas in Cameroon.

This is a tiny but vivid selection of some of our major achievements since 2006 worth about 70 million Euros (XAF 45.9 billion), 80% funded by our financial partners from New Zealand and the rest by our local financial partners Union Bank of Cameroon and ACEP Cameroon S.A. VENTA is now implementing its mandate magnificently by Making the Difference! while staying focused.

Our Management Team is more than ever motivated, focused and committed to see the vision of the company a reality by breaking long-term aims to short-term projects while allocating a clear task schedule and assigning responsibilities.

Our mission statement is clear and as the future has more in store for us, we are compelled to be proactive and make use of the ICT-driven global environment. VENTA Investments Company LTD, a local company with a global vision. I am proud to be part of the success story.