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Twice a year or when ever need arises, a revision of the training package is put in place to update our staff on certain forgotten life-saving security virtues and/or certain innovative Quality Health Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Methodologies in existence.

These three actions are followed by a thorough cleaning/shampooing of the office space of the client every trimester under the strict supervision and control of a senior cleaning technician  in charge of daily quality control who serves as a liaison between our the customer and VENTA.

This he/she does by submitting a Quality Service Evaluation Form (QSEF), which the customer fills to evaluate both the quality of the service we offer them and equally the output of the staff (cleaners) at their disposal.

This is in a bid to guarantee constant and periodic innovations on the service quality VENTA offers her valued customers.

The QSEF is rated on 20. Using internally graduated score levels on quality Control, this unit now recommends to management action points needed to improve the service quality of client X or Y and thus a customized service quality package is voted for the said customer while maintaining our slogan of Making the difference in all we do while noting that “When cleanliness becomes a passion, everyday we clean even better...