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We possess exclusive distribution and representation rights over a variety of products in Cameroon thanks to our partnership with other companies Fuelmax amongst others is one of the special products that we are offering to our customers.

In these times of economic hardship and fight against global warming, fuelmax is among the most important products on the market.

Fuelmax is a revolutionary device that will help consumers to cut down their consumption of fuel by up to 20%. By reducing consumption users of this technology will automatically make some financial gains.

Fuelmax also has a positive effect on the engines of vehicles and others. It can increase the capacity of a vehicle by up to 5HP.

Fuelmax is an eco- friendly device that really contributes to the preservation of the environment. It can reduce emissions by CO&CH by 40-50%. Fuel max is vital in the purification of carbon slag bloom.

FuelMax is a compact device that easily installed on the fuel hose; it does not require difficult installation or mounting.

FuelMax has excellent results on both – gasoline and diesel engines. It is effective practically on every type of vehicle – cars, Lorries, buses, jeeps, motorboats, motorcycle etc. It can be installed at agricultural engineering and special automotive equipment.