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Venta Investments Company Ltd, Leader in Public Hygiene, Disease Prevention, Health Optimization, Public Works/Cleaning, Creation and Maintenance of Green Spaces, and More.

Our values and Anglo-Saxon Management style give us the impetus to break through cultural and geographical boundaries. Our core values and corporate image are reflected by the quality of our customer base: GIZ, WWF, ENEO, UNDP, UBA, PAD, SUSUCAM, World Food Programme, TNT, SAHAM Insurance, CBC BANK, NFC-Bank, UBA Bank, CANAL+ Cameroun, Plan CMR, Solex, The Ministry of Secondary Education, The Ministry of Public Works just to name a few.

VENTA INVESTMENTS uses the services of highly qualified staff that are ready to work at all times and in all places using her up–to–date equipment pool and quality biodegradable products professionally selected to meet regulatory environmental ecological norms.


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    Created in 2006 (under Registration No. RCCM: RC/TIKO/2006B/047, Tax ID N° M100600022350P, National Social Insurance N° 410-0101402-G) with it’s head office at Akwa Douala (124, rue Bebey Elame) opposite ALLIANZ ASSURANCES, VENTA INVESTMENTS C° LTD specializes in :

    • Building & Public Works.
    • Industrial Cleaning.
    • Public Hygiene & Phytosanitary Treatment.
    • Cold & Air Conditioning.
    • Humanitarian Action Product Delivery.
    • Consultancy Research & Development.
    • Transport & Logistics.
    • Import & Export.
    • Industrial General Supplies.
    • Creation & Maintenance of Green Space.

    What We Do

    VENTA INVESTMENTS – Building And Public Works

    VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD is a leading Construction and Public Works company offering holistic services covering the planning, design, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, and industrial projects in Cameroon. Our history of success and the shared values that define our culture and way of working give our clients the confidence to trust us with even their most demanding projects. Success is now more than ever in every project with leading industry engineers.
    More so, VENTA INVESTMENTS’ policy of Operating sustainably, adheres to the highest standards for quality and safety. To maintain excellence in construction, we stay at the forefront of the industry, continuously building on our robust experience and strong technical expertise through development and innovation to create long-term value for our stakeholders and support the vision of Cameroon for Emergence in 2035.

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    Industrial Cleaning


    INDUSTRIAL cleaning is all about consistency, and VENTA Industrial Cleaning delivers consistently reliable results, whether a one-time project or a long-term contract.
    We provide a full spectrum of cleaning, disinfection, hygiene risk management solutions, janitorial, and post-construction to disinfection, hygiene-risk management, and specialty cleaning for virtually all types of facilities. We strive to deliver the highest quality of services for all of our clients. So, when we say VENTA Cleaning, we mean PROFESSIONAL Cleaning. No matter the task, we make facilities and environments cleaner, nicer, and safer—as they should be. It’s what we do best, and the primary reason clients have entrusted us with keeping their facilities, Office Buildings, Complex, and Homes clean since 2007.

    The Immunity Boost Your Organization Needs

    Commercial cleaning is not what it was when we started back in 2007. It’s not even what it was last year. We began as a janitorial and porter service company specializing in windows, floors, and deep post-construction cleaning. We continued to get trained, certified, and equipped for hospital-grade environmental services and professional disinfection – just in time to lead the charge against the spread of COVID-19 in Cameroon with our Various Disinfection Services (VENTA DISINFECTION AND DISEASE PREVENTION SERVICES), Smart Technology services (VENTA SMART DISINFECTION GATEWAY). We offer our expertise across the full spectrum of professional cleaning services for public, Private, and commercial facilities.

    Latest Technology and Equipment

    Our comprehensive treatment plans follow the most recent protocols and recommendations of health authorities and take into account the specific layout and use of every area in the building. We have carefully vetted and trained our various specialty teams to tackle emergency assignments and recurring services. We consult and train our clients to protect their organizations from all hygiene-related risks.

    We Clean Better

    When Cleaning becomes a job, every day we clean better. In a world where the importance of cleanliness continues to grow, we keep taking on more responsibilities. Making your environments cleaner and safer has always been a tangible value we deliver to our clients. Proactive mitigation of health hazards brings a new sense of urgency to our role. VENTA CLEANING provides the immunity boost your organization needs to maintain operations – literally protecting lives and livelihoods.

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    Public Hygiene And Phytosanitary Treatment

    We deploy the latest Public hygiene, Sanitary and phytosanitary measures through VDP-HOS (Venta Disease Prevention and Health Optimization Services) grouped under 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D, are specially designed to quarantine, and boaster biosecurity measures applied to protect humans, animal and plant life from risks arising from the introduction, establishment, and spread of pests and diseases and from risks arising from additives, toxins, and contaminants in food and feed.


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    Cold And Air Conditioning

    VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD has the indigenous capacity to install, maintain and manage various sizes of air conditioning and other cold appliances for public buildings, and private and residential complexes. We use quality accessories and tools to keep.

    On July 17th, 1902, Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioning system. Carrier’s invention helped give rise to numerous industries that continue to power our economy today. In the early years, air conditioning helped boost the manufacturing of everything from baked goods to wartime supplies. Precise control of temperature and humidity has even enabled the development of indoor shopping malls, transatlantic flights,s and the computers and servers that power the internet. Today’s “modern” cooling systems still operate on the same basic principles, providing comfortably chilled air to people inside.
    VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD continues to upgrade and put at the disposal of our client’s ultra-modern equipment, techniques, and experts 24/7. We are simply the best and most reliable.

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    Humanitarian Action Product Delivery

    Human suffering must be addressed wherever it is found, with particular attention to the most vulnerable. VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD is committed to accompanying global action to address these challenges.
    Timely delivery of the right products and services today can change lives for a better tomorrow.
    We are responsible for supplying all large-scale refugee-feeding operations managed by the UN and its various organs.
    Delivering supplies for the world’s most urgent needs is a challenge in under-resourced settings, conflict or disaster contexts, and in places that are hard to reach. It requires technical expertise and local knowledge, innovative solutions, collaboration, and financial resources.
    Moreover, rigorous standards of ethics and integrity must be applied at every step of the way. VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD meets all these standards and has been doing so for many years.
    We remain committed to deploying our resources to the most remote areas, bringing life where it seems lost, standing by our partners to restore hope and dreams through the construction of Schools, supply of basic emergency products (Hand Sanitizers, Venta Smart Disinfection Gateway), fight against infectious diseases, etc. This is done through VDP-HOS (Venta Disease Prevention and Health Optimization Services), VENTA CONSTRUCTIONS  and More

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    Consultancy Research And Development

    VENTA INVESTMENTS plays an important role, when quality assurance, time schedule, interdisciplinary product development as well as Research Development costs need to be managed at the same time.

    Our consultants are specialists in designing, implementing, controlling, and optimizing development processes for all kinds of projects in Cameroon. We stand for state-of-the-art transformation and support people and teams operationally to achieve their goals. Our focus is on developing tailor-made solutions to handle process complexity and their implementation in your organization. The VENTA consulting team consists of experienced Research and Development experts led by our Managing Director Mr. Tazoh Venland Himself, ready to carry on your projects.

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    Transport And Logistics

    Combining the latest logistics technology with high-quality service, and the ability to offer customized solutions,
    VENTA INVESTMENTS’s global transport and logistics services are ideal for customers seeking to grow their businesses. Our experienced, knowledgeable experts offer optimal solutions to help you meet your business challenges.


    Global Presence, Global Multi-mode Network
    Our global network, comprising multiple modes of transport, enables us to provide fast, efficient, cost-effective solutions optimized for every business need.

    Cross-border Freight

    With locations spanning over countries and regions, including the Americas, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania, we have established a powerful, multi-mode global forwarding system.

    Specialized Transport

    New, groundbreaking freight methods for specialized transport and fragile cargo. VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD constantly accepts the challenge of challenging projects. VENTA INVESTMENTS provides optimal solutions for all customer requirements with our technical skills, including transporting White pepper and art, and other valuable freight.

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    Import And Export

    VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD is a licensed exporter of Ginger and other tropical products. VENTA is an Import And Export company and has headquarters in Douala. We are ever ready to take on challenging projects.

    Transport Products & Services
    We have developed unique transport services across our global network to satisfy the needs of clients worldwide. Using land, sea, air, and all other modes of transportation,
    Providing full support for our client’s global business in a way that transcends national and regional borders,
    Here we introduce examples of the transportation services of which VENTA INVESTMENTS is justly proud.

    Industrial General Supplies

    From safety supplies to hand tools, and abrasives; VENTA INVESTMENTS COIMPANY LTD is the only vendor needed to keep all of your general supplies in stock. We make it easy to replenish anything that runs out quickly, and our professional staff is extremely responsive to even the most immediate need. For over 16 years, we have been keeping our clients happy with our commitment to providing the industry with the highest quality industrial products available. Contact us today to see how our well-trained sales staff can start solving problems today!

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    Creation And Maintenance of Green Space

    A work environment connected to nature helps reduce absenteeism by 10%, according to an American study by the University of Oregon. The maintenance of green spaces and exteriors within a company is increasingly important for managers, in order to provide employees with a pleasant working environment that encourages personal fulfillment and professional development.

    Why maintain your company’s green spaces?

    The maintenance of green spaces, the creation of a garden, or the presence of plants outside contributes in more ways than one to improving company life.

    The different types of maintenance work of company green spaces

    VENTA INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD provides expert Maintenance of green spaces and exteriors. These include the following:

    • Lawn mowing, grass collection, and green waste disposal.
    • Plant maintenance, watering, repotting, etc.
    • Hedge trimming, mowing, or clearing.
    • Weeding and weed treatment.
    • Lawn watering, maintenance, or fertilization.
    • Tree pruning and trimming.

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    Brother. it's a collective responsibility for us to remain healthy and productive. cleanliness is the key. Together we can. God bless our efforts & edify our ideas.

    • Community Credit Company Plc
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    Proud of you. I have tasted your services. They are impeccable. You are excellent at what you do. I will recommend & use your services anywhere, anytime without doubt. Keep up Venta. The sky is your starting point.

    • CNPS
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    Venta should be nominated for service of the year. They are simply amazing and their personnel are so smily and kind. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! It's just amazing what you guys do.

    • Financial Institute
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    I would like to personally thank you guys at venta for your outstanding services. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from venta. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

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    I will let everyone know about this, lot of companies could really make use of venta! Thanks guys, keep up the good work! So far i believe your services are just getting better and better with amazing offers.

    • Financial Institute
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    Venta is worth much more than I paid. Great job, I will definitely be taking your services again! Venta has really helped our business environment. We're loving it thanks so much guys.

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